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These sites are all about keeping you current with the news in the tech industry.

How will smartwatches and fitness trackers make use of 5G? | TechRadar

What They Share: Digital Trends is packed full with all sorts of information. But, the standout sections of this website are undoubtedly the product reviews from headphones to cameras and everything in between and their section covering tech news in a wide array of different categories. The site covers other topics, including entertainment, culture, science, business, and more. However, the tech section is definitely worth a look. What They Share: TechCrunch is a well-known player in the tech industry, and the site delivers all sorts of startup and technology-related news—including announcements of startup funding.

TechCrunch also frequently hosts tech events in various parts of the globe.

Meet The Arduino Killer: ESP8266

What They Share: Run and managed by Fortune, Term Sheet provides a daily breakdown of things like venture capital deals, fundraising, IPOs, and other announcements within the industry. What They Share: If you want to roll up your sleeves and really dig deep into various tech topics, The Information is the place for you. This site features long-form content that takes a thorough look at a wide variety of announcements and happenings within the tech industry. The founders originally launched the site as a way of promoting the tech event that they were hosting.

From there, The Next Web quickly grew into what exists today—a hub for all sorts of technology news, conferences and events, deals, and even a market intelligence platform. What They Share: Alright, The Verge covers a lot more than just tech—there are sections for everything from cars to culture.

The Verge even splits their tech topics into various categories. What They Share: Focused specifically on tech news, VentureBeat has all of the information that entrepreneurs, executives, and technology enthusiasts need to get informed, stay in the loop, and make better decisions related to technology. For the avid runner, this could mean no longer needing a heart monitor strap as well as a smartwatch, for example.

19 Best Tech Websites You Should Bookmark Right Now

The idea of wearables that work as your own personal trainer or doctor is far more likely with 5G too, especially if it frees up storage space and makes data they capture more accurate. More space for a better battery, in conjunction with 5G's more efficient use of power, could also go some way to reducing the smartwatch's biggest obstacle up until this point — its limited battery life. Smaller wearables in the future may also lead to a growth in smart clothing. Smart clothing already exists, but it's limited in scope and popularity currently.

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It might sound like science fiction right now but a recent paper has suggested that 5G antennas could be manufactured from conductive threads and adhesives. Smartwatches and fitness trackers have come a long way in a short space of time. It wasn't that long ago that smartwatches relied on users to also have their smartphone with them at all times. Now, you can easily spend the day with just your smartwatch on your wrist and you won't miss out on key features like making contactless payments or tracking your exercise.

That's important if manufacturers want wearables to continue to be popular. Right now, smartphones are seen as an essential part of daily life, but wearables and smartwatches are usually just a welcome 'bonus' to those that can afford them. If 5G technology is able to reduce the size of wearables, while enhancing the battery life, that could be exactly what's needed to convince the general public that they need smart technology on their fingers, wrists, or neck.

Therefore, 5G has the potential to change how we consume wearable technology massively — simply put, it'll be fascinating to see what the first few 5G wearables offer. Our 5G Uncovered hub is carefully curated to show everything there is to know about the next generation of connection.

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