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Rail bosses and staff advised to fly to meetings. Boris Johnson's poll lead slashed after police incident. Queen's Today's order of play and TV schedule. However, in October , the company decided to slow the roll out down to address the problems associated with a major collapse of profits from its large store formats due to intense competition from its main rivals. Asda was also the first supermarket chain in the United Kingdom to sell petrol at its old Halifax store in , which at the time was located inside a converted mill in Battinson Road which burnt down during a major fire in , and subsequently reopened as a purpose-built store in , but it no longer offered a petrol station.

The store moved to a different site in Back then its forecourt fuel was supplied by discount Russian supplier Nafta, because the major oil companies would not supply fuel to be sold at discount prices. From the early seventies, oil companies such as Mobil, Shell and Texaco supplied fuel to Asda as more supermarkets started to sell fuel from car park forecourts. Since the mids Asda has supplied, along with its main supermarket rivals, its own fuel delivered by its own tankers to its petrol station forecourts. As of June , Asda operates petrol stations in total, most within the car park area of its stores.

And, as of 30 April , that includes 18 standalone petrol stations. Asda Smart Price is a no-frills private label trade name. The equivalent from Tesco is Everyday Value. In , it was revised to match the branding of the Walmart Great Value line. Under the new Asda management team it was decided to reintroduce the Farm Stores brand on selected fresh food products, as part of the company's plans to return and reconnect to its core founding heritage.

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These products include fresh meat and produce. The Farm Stores brand was officially relaunched in April In , Asda announced to scrap 5p carrier bags in all stores by the end of the year. In , Asda relaunched its mid-tier Asda own label brand. Asda has its own range of clothing known as George , which was created and trialled in selected stores in , and officially launched and rolled out to the main superstore estate in George clothing is also sold at four stand alone dedicated stores in Malta, the first opening in The label is named after George Davies , founder of Next , who was its original chief designer.

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Davies himself parted company with Asda in and is no longer associated with the brand. Asda was the first supermarket to stock wedding dresses. Asda also operates a mobile phone network called Asda Mobile , which was launched in April This is provided in partnership with EE. Asda has a financial services division, similar to those operated by Tesco , Sainsbury's and other retailers. Asda simply attaches its own brand to products provided by other companies. Services offered include car insurance provided by Brightside Insurance Services , credit cards provided by Creation Financial Services and travel money bureaux provided by Travelex.

Marketing and management of financial services is co-ordinated in house and many stores have a financial services co-ordinator, responsible for promoting the products and ensuring legal compliance.

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Asda now has 25 distribution depots all across the UK which distribute across the network of stores. As of 19 May , Asda was in second-equal place in the UK grocery market top 4 share, with: Tesco The company has featured prominently in lists of "Best companies to work for", appearing in second place in The Times newspaper list for Some compromise was reached by June of that year, when a five-day strike was called off after Asda management and the GMB union reached an agreement.

In , tens of thousands of Asda workers across the UK were hit with a tax complication because of an anomaly in Asda's payroll system. Asda employees receive their pay every four weeks, which meant, according to their spokesperson, that once every 20 years they are paid 14 times a year rather than Whilst most companies handle this properly, Asda's payroll system did not, which meant that workers had, through no fault of their own, paid less tax for the year than they should have.

In the 'Asda price' campaign, [84] customers tap their trouser pocket twice, producing a 'chinking' sound as the coins that Asda's low prices have supposedly left in their pockets knock together. The pocket tap ads were launched in and over the next 30 years, a range of celebrities have been "tappers", including from , actors Richard Beckinsale , Paula Wilcox and James Bolam. And later, Julie Walters , and football player Michael Owen. In the late s, adverts also included Sitcom actor Leonard Rossiter. In , Carry On actress Hattie Jacques appeared in the advert as a school crossing patrol officer.

When the new green capitalised ASDA logo started to appear from , in early onwards and until early , two slogans were used. The first, 'You'd be off your trolley to go anywhere else', was replaced in by 'One trip and you're laughing'. In , and until late , before the reintroduction of the pocket tap campaign, advertising for Asda had featured the Fairground Attraction song " Perfect " with the slogan 'It 'Asda be Asda', which was based upon the lyrics of the song.

When the Asda Price slogan was reintroduced in , the strapline Pocket the Difference capitalised was added alongside it. This was replaced by Permanently Low Prices, Forever in From to , Asda were the sponsors of Sheffield Wednesday F. In December , the Spice Girls licensed their name and image to Asda for the creation of over 40 different Spice Items for Christmas , including goods such as party supplies, official merchandise, and Spice Girl branded kids' meals in the stores' restaurants. In the smiley face "rollback" campaign, also used by Walmart, a CGI smiley face bounced from price tag to price tag, knocking them down as customers watch.

For Christmas , Asda reintroduced the "That's Asda price" slogan. In , the company refocused on price with a "Why Pay More? Asda TV commercials in April focused on price comparisons between Asda and its rivals, using information from mySupermarket. The music being used in these adverts is the Billy Childish version of the classic Dad's Army theme tune.

The old Asda jingle is not included in these, [95] but appeared in a Christmas advert. Asda has been winner of The Grocer magazine "Lowest Price Supermarket" Award for the past 16 years, [97] and uses this to promote itself across the UK. In August , rival supermarket chain Tesco challenged Asda's ability to use the claim that it was the cheapest supermarket in the country, by complaining to the Advertising Standards Agency.

The ASA upheld the complaint and ordered Asda to stop using it. Asda has signed up to the Ethical Trading Initiative ETI which respects workers' rights for freedom of association and a living wage. Implementing this initiative is difficult, however, because the concept of a living wage varies by country and the buying strategies of a major importer like Asda have an indirect impact on national minimum wages by obliging governments to set them low enough to stop businesses from going elsewhere. The National Farmers' Union , representing UK farmers and growers, has argued that Asda and other major supermarkets have made large profits and kept consumer prices low "by squeezing suppliers' margins to the point where many of them have gone out of business".

Campaigners believe Asda is unwilling to set a precedent on indemnity pay for large scale industrial accidents. This claim went against research carried out by War on Want. In October , Chairman Andy Bond was a signatory to a controversial letter to The Daily Telegraph , [] which claimed that "The private sector should be more than capable of generating additional jobs to replace those lost in the public sector, and the redeployment of people to more productive activities will improve economic performance, so generating more employment opportunities.

In January Asda became the first supermarket to ban selling energy drinks such as Red Bull to under 16's. In December , Asda, Sainsbury's and other retailers and dairy firms admitted to the price fixing of dairy products between and Asda commented, " Everyone at Asda regrets what happened, particularly as we are passionate about lowering prices. Our intention was to provide more money for dairy farmers, who were under severe financial pressure at the time. In , a national press ad for Asda on a double-page spread was headed "The big Asda Rollback" with headings stating "Lower prices on everything you buy, week in week out" with equal prominence to a column headed "Lower prices than any other supermarket"; that the arrows underneath the heading "Lower prices than any other supermarket" compared prices at Asda with prices at Sainsbury's, Tesco and Morrisons.

The ASA ruled that in the context in which it appeared, it was ambiguous in that it could be interpreted either as referring to price reductions that had taken place within Asda or to price comparisons with the named competitors. In addition, because the ad did not explain that the price reductions had not necessarily taken place in the week that immediately preceded the ad, they concluded that the headings which stated the number of price reductions that had taken place in each product category were misleading.

The ASA also concluded that the "Lower prices than any other supermarket" claim in the advert was misleading. The ASA disagreed, and referred to the claim "Everything is at least half price! As all toys were not included in the sale, and in the absence of a qualifying statement, the ad was misleading. The ASA ruled that a television advertisement in for the new Asda price guarantee was misleading in that the small on-screen text that stated "Exclusions apply" was not sufficient to warn viewers that the Asda price guarantee did not apply to non-grocery items.

Asda claims minimum alcohol price law has cost it over £1m

The ASA also ruled against two national press ads one which showed hardback and children's books and one that showed football related items with text stating "If your grocery shopping could have cost less elsewhere we'll give you the difference - Guaranteed! Although each advert had "Exclusions apply" and that other text stated "If your grocery shopping could have cost less elsewhere we'll give you the difference", it felt that given the prominent appearance of the hardback and children's activity books and football related items and the prominent appearance of the logo "ASDA Price GUARANTEE" and "Guaranteed!

Another advertisement from Asda, in which it featured World Cup related products and an Asda price guarantee was misleading as the World Cup related products were exclusive to Asda and not, therefore, available at Morrisons, Tesco or Sainsbury's. In , the ASA challenged whether a press ad which showed a large green arrow bearing down on a smaller yellow arrow with a crumpled tip and "Asda products cheaper" should set out how the general price claims made in the ads could be verified by consumers.

Because it was not possible for consumers or competitors to check the products and prices used in the comparison using mySupermarket. The ASA ruled that, due to the significant limitations and qualifications to the basis of the price comparison which were not included in the ad, or in the terms and conditions on Asda's website, the approach taken in making the comparisons was unfair and misleading. A press ad, which appeared on 26 September , was headlined "Only one supermarket is The ASA considered the banner, together with the headline was likely to be interpreted by consumers as claims that referred to the price of Asda goods.

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The ASA therefore concluded that the advert was misleading. It also noted the footnote explaining the APG contradicted Asda's absolute claim that they were always the lowest on price, and that the disclaimer was also misleading. In , a four-page regional press wraparound included several maps and images of a proposed development in New Barnet , and described the benefits the development would bring to the local area.

The advert included a development site plan and map, which marked out the proposed Asda store, the existing Sainsbury store and the sites of the proposed, approved and existing Tesco stores. Because it was not clear that the marked-out area relating to the Asda store was for only the store floorspace, whereas the marked-out area relating to the Sainsburys store included store floorspace and additional buildings, and the marked-out area relating to the proposed Tesco area was not based on an approved plan, the ASA concluded the advertisement was misleading.

In , DNA tests revealed that horsemeat was present in Asda's Chosen By You fresh beef Bolognese sauce , the first instance during the meat adulteration scandal of horsemeat being found in fresh meat. Beth Robinson said she was stopped outside her local Scunthorpe store after she hadn't paid for a number of items. She claimed she scanned everything she picked up but that the machine didn't work properly. The mum-of-five claimed she was treated like a "common criminal" after using the scan-as-you-go device to make sure she stuck to a strict budget. She told Grimsby Live: "A security guard approached me outside the shop just after I had finished and said I needed to come back inside because there was discrepancies with the shopping.

The others were very cheap Savers items like 70p ham and crisps for my children. Why would I steal from there? I've spent so much money there over the years - why would I start stealing 70p items? Beth was asked to sign an exclusion order, banning her from all Asda stores for a year. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. British supermarket chain. For other uses, see Asda disambiguation. Trading name. Operating income. Main article: Asda Mobile. See also: meat adulteration scandal. Yorkshire portal Food portal Companies portal.

Companies House. Retrieved 23 August Retrieved 8 February The Daily Telegraph. Retrieved 16 May