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Creating a budget breakdown and sticking to a budget was and is by far the hardest part of gaining control of your finances. For us, we spent so much money outside of our budget that we ended up carrying balances on our credit cards. And then paying them off using Frugality is often confused with being poor or cheap and spending only the minimum.

But I've found that living a frugal life isn't about sacrificing and feeling deprived. Being frugal is learning to live smarter so that you can afford to live the life you want. Intended Use Only — Using your coupons for something other than the product s stated on the coupon is unethical and fraudulent. The wording is VERY important to pay attention to. That is committing coupon fraud and unethical. The store will not get reimbursed for that coupon and eventually make their coupon policy stricter to help prevent this type of fraud.

When a coupon specifies the product that it is valid for, it can only be used on that product. Social Media is certainly helping this kind of fraud to get out of control. Watch for Limitations — In January , coupons started regularly printing limitations on coupons. That specifically means you cannot use 5 or more coupons when you buy that item.

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If you want to use more than four coupons, you will need to shop on another day. When shoppers misuse coupons, it forces manufacturers to tighten the regulations even further. One coupon released this year was a Finish coupon with a stipulation of only TWO identical coupons per shopping trip. Executive Overview and backgrounder on fraud involving coupons and digital coupons.

SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Digital Coupon Fraud Executive Overview. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Technology. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. We catch most print issues with our customer support window before they get to our brand partner's wall and those that do are sent directly to our customer support team for resolution.

Copying Coupons is ILLEGAL

I've received a lot of email with people's surprise at the scope and scale of the fraud that is going on in the industry. I've forwarded your comments to Qples, and will update a response here.

Coupon Fraud - Can I Photocopy a Coupon?

The info was gathered from the respective company websites, press materials, etc. In many cases, we did not find a yes or no regarding a particular feature, so it is left blank in the matrix - note that we commented that this does not imply a yes or no - just that we did not find a specific reference. Please let me know what we missed! Awesome presentation, just a quick question. Scott Hutchinson , Sr. Hi i think you should check your sources on some of your items in reference to koupon media. No Downloads. Views Total views.

Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Digital Coupon Fraud Executive Overview 1. If you can get an unlimited number of those, think how this grows. The brokers signed up stores that would claim the coupons came from them for a piece of the payback. This email was deeply disturbing to me. I am dismayed that anyone teaching couponing could ever possibly advocate photocopying and reusing coupons — it is coupon fraud, plain and simple. Simply reading the fine print on any coupon could tell you that.

Each printable coupon that originates from a site such as Coupons. When photocopies come through the redemption house, several things happen. First, the photocopies are scanned and flagged as photocopies. The store is NOT reimbursed for these. Second, the photocopies are pulled from the conveyor belt, tagged, and reported. The largest coupon processing agent in the country, Inmar, files fraudulent coupons for a minimum of one year.

Couponers Can Help Fight Coupon Fraud

Other processors likely do the same. And again, each coupon contains an identifier tied specifically to your computer. SmartSource uses this message:. We have evidence that one or more coupons printed from this computer were presented multiple times for redemption in violation of our terms. If we identify further evidence of fraudulent activity, we reserve the right to take additional action against the owner or user of this computer, including pursuing legal or criminal actions.

The coupon printing plugin that each printable coupon site utilizes can indeed be turned off, permanently, to your computer, which is what has happened to this reader. Unfortunately, having printing privileges revoked is only the first step. At that point, they may prosecute. Coupons state in the fine print that they are void if copied, and that any other usage constitutes fraud.

I did respond to this reader via email privately earlier this week, but there really is is no help that I can provide for this particular situation. Wow, some friend. With friends like that well we all know the saying. Thanks, Jill for posting. Thank you too, for teaching us the right way to save money. I really appreciate you showing how deep one action can run.

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  6. I was talking to a lady about couponing at Kmart when they did their great doubles without all the limitations and then I saw her again at another Kmart doubling event. She went on to thank me for telling her about your site and other sites, then mentioned she went to Kinkos to photocopy coupons. And I told her what could happen, I was amazed that she thought it was okay to copy coupons. A few years ago I actually wittnessed a woman at a Jewel take a sunday paper off the rack and go.

    Didnt even pay for the paper!!!

    Coupon fraud is crime, even if it feels harmless: Coupon Counselor -

    When approached by management she stated that they were her copies because she paid to make them and if jewel wouldnt take them walmart would and then she tossed the unpaid for paper back on therack took thecopies and stormed out like management had done something wrong?!?! I personally am glad to hear this. I am also surprised that she would admit it here, even if she DID do something illegal. Eventually all it will do is ruin it for everyone, and I am sad for that! This is a good reminder to be very careful when sharing your coupons with friends or family!

    Couponers Can Help Fight Coupon Fraud

    How can you not know? Jill says it best when she says that using coupons is not a right but a privilege!

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