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New Car Awards. One of the joys of Personal Contract Purchase finance is that it can get you Rather than going for a super-spec media set-up, you could actually drive a brand new car with the best value personal Fancy a car for less than an all-singing TV bundle? It can be done. Think again, as you can get everything from Car leasing vs car finance: to own or not to own? There are so many important questions to answer beforehand: should you get a new car or used car?

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Foreign or American-made? To buy or to lease? How will you pay for it? Once you figure out how much money you can spend, you can start to think about the exact make and model of a car instead of just the idea of driving one.

There are many questions to be answered, but the one we are dealing with here has to do with buying versus leasing, specifically, "Is a high mileage lease right for me? There are advantages and disadvantages to both buying and leasing a new vehicle.

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The right choice depends mostly on the individual's personal tastes and driving style. If for example, you like the idea of driving a new model every two or three years or so, then a lease is likely your best option.

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By the same token, buying is probably best if you simply can't get past the feeling that you don't own the vehicle you are driving. Another important consideration that is often overlooked is mileage. Drivers who intend spend a lot of time behind the wheel may think that leasing is the way to go, believing that it is better to put that heavy mileage on a vehicle that they will be turning in and soon won't have to worry about.

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  8. Standard leases, however, come with annual mileage limits and if a lessee goes over the limit, it can cost a pretty penny in additional fees. Normally, standard auto leases come with annual mileage limits of 10, to 15, miles, most coming in with 12,mile annual limits.