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Benefits When your serpentine belt gets worn it no longer grips the pulleys of the components it drives properly. Keeping your serpentine belt in good condition helps all of the components it drives work better and helps you avoid on the road breakdowns. When should I replace the coolant in my car? Most manufacturers recommend replacing the coolant periodically to avoid expensive repairs.

Your service adviser can tell you when your car needs new coolant. Why does it need to be replaced? The coolant in your car keeps the engine cool during the summer months and keeps the fluid from freezing in the cold of winter. The fluid naturally breaks down from constant use and no longer provides the protection you need. In addition the fluid becomes very corrosive and, if left unchanged, it will destroy the components of your cooling system. What does the coolant replacement service include? Our trained mechanics inspect the system for leaks and damage prior to replacing your fluid.

We pressure test the system for leaks and to make sure your radiator cap is sealing correctly. Because the serpentine belt drives the water pump we also check it for wear and replace it, if necessary, at an additional cost to the service. A special machine is used to force the old fluid out of the system and replace it with new fluid recommended by the car manufacturer. Properly maintained fluid keeps your engine running cool in the summer and keeps it from freezing in the winter.

Even more importantly, it keeps corrosion out of your cooling system. Scheduled Maintenance To Depend On Our trained mechanics check your car for safety and let you know if it needs any additional service to be properly maintained. When is my car due for regularly scheduled maintenance?

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Your service advisor can print a list of factory maintenance requirements for your car upon request. What about my new car warranty? Your new car dealer would like you to think only they can maintain your warranty by doing factory scheduled maintenance. Not so.

Our trained mechanics will keep your warranty maintenance current at a fraction of the cost of taking your car to the dealer. What types of cars does Quality Tune-Up service? We service all makes and models from Acura to Volvo and everything in between. Full service auto repair is provided by our trained mechanics. Many are certified by the Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Quality you can depend on. Most routine service done while you wait. No need to leave your car for the day unless you want to leave it.

Quality and convenience. Lower cost. Quality for less.

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If that is the case we are ready to perform any fuel system maintenance you may need. When should the fuel system in my car be cleaned? We recommend cleaning your fuel system whenever we change a dirty air filter or fuel filter or when we perform an engine tune-up. Why should I have the fuel system cleaned?

Over time your injectors, intake valves and cylinder heads get dirty. Carbon and varnish deposits from the combustion process keep your engine from running efficiently resulting in lower miles per gallon. What does the fuel system cleaning include? Our trained mechanics inspect the system for leaks and damage prior to cleaning the system.

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First, a special cleaning additive is put into your gas tank. Then a second chemical is run through your engine using a vacuum line hooked to your fuel line. What about the fuel filter? When your fuel filter gets clogged it affects the ability of the engine to receive the proper amount of gasoline to function. If it is completely clogged the engine will not run at all. Changing the fuel filter is a separate service that may be recommended by our qualified mechanics when it is needed.

Benefits Better engine performance and increased miles per gallon. Full Service Repair To Depend On Our trained mechanics check your car for safety and let you know if it needs any additional service to be properly maintained.

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  8. Why kind of services does Quality Tune-Up provide for my car or truck? Quality Tune-Up is a full service auto repair facility with trained mechanics ready to service every component of your automobile. You mean Quality Tune-Up does more than change the oil and perform smog checks? Of course. Our trained mechanics work on brake systems, power steering, engine repairs, computer diagnostics, transmission services, coolant system services, timing belts, radiators, water pumps, air conditioning compressors and climate control systems… In short: We do it all.

    Some repairs are certainly more expensive than others but at Quality Tune-Up we can usually get you back on the road for less. Then how can you do it for less?

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    Lower overhead. Benefits Quality Tune-Up is a full service automotive repair facility with fair prices, fast service and trained mechanics. We truly offer quality you can depend on. Lubricating oil in the engine provides this vital service, but over time that oil breaks down and becomes contaminated with dust, dirt and debris from your engine as well as the environment around you.

    Our technicians will consider the make, model, condition and mileage of your car before recommending the necessary oil change. Plus, all services will be warranted for three 3 months or 3, miles unless otherwise noted. What more could you ask for in an auto repair shop that offers convenient oil change service? The short answer is, before sludge starts forming. Benefits Our certified technicians will be happy to change your oil and offer any advice about future service that will help keep your vehicle safe and fuel-efficient.

    After all, we have your best interests at heart, and that is why we are delighted to serve a growing family of loyal clients in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys.

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    Power Steering Service That Works Our trained mechanics check your car for safety and let you know if it needs any additional service to be properly maintained. When should I replace the power steering fluid in my car?

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    By the time you start to hear squealing when the wheel is turning or the wheels begin to turn in a jerky motion it is past time for a change. Our qualified mechanics test your fluid free of charge when you come in for service with a chemically treated paper that indicates if the fluid needs to be replaced. Like most of the fluids in your car power steering fluid breaks down from constant use. Once it begins to break down it leaves deposits in the components of your system.

    These deposits cause excessive wear and can result in expensive repairs when a major component fails. What does the power steering fluid replacement service include? A special machine is used to force the old fluid out of the system, followed by a chemical flush to clean the power steering components. Properly maintained fluid keeps your power steering working correctly. It prevents component failure and helps prevent the need for expensive repairs.

    Why should I get preventive Maintenance? We are proud to offer this service to California motorists. Step 1 Input your zip code in the field above and click search. Step 2 Browse a list of local stations to learn more about the companies. Step 3 Print a coupon, map, and contact the local station of your choice. We hope SmogSearch. Gross Polluter: Some vehicles that fail their smog inspections emit such high levels of pollution that a special category, called "Gross Polluter". Gross Polluter vehicles are generally required to go to a test only center to be certified.

    Previously, gross polluter cars were sent to California smog check referee centers. Don't be confused by terminology. A smog check is the same as a smog test, smog test only, emission inspection, emission inspection, vehicle inspection, etc. Remember, it is important to have a licensed smog repair station complete the vehicle auto repair.

    Smog repair stations listed on smogsearch. For more detailed answers to emission related questions please refer to FAQ. Members: please keep smogsearch. California motorists locate smogsearch. Keep in mind we cover all of california, including all major counties. Such as orange county, los angeles, san diego, and san francisco.

    Furthermore, users can search by all ca smog check specific cities: huntington beach, fountain valley, seal beach, costa mesa, anaheim, etc. Stations of the Month:. To aid in your smogsearch, we have created a complete list of California cities and corresponding zip codes: Zip Code Listing. All rights reserved.