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What the heck do they think the receipt is for? Nothing has changed with this site. If you don't have a certain phone carrier, you can't get a verification code. Without a code, you can't print. They don't care. Time for us to start writing the manufacturer's, Tell them we are shut out.

Tell them we are going to buy other brands. This is the only way to get this monopoly stopped. Some people can't afford 2 phones. The landline verification does not work. This is the only solution. Or a CEO who gives a crap. Because they don't seem to care. I have used MyPoints since the site was started. Have always used grocery coupons to extend SS check.

Can't do that anymore since I don't have a cell phone.

Why did I get a Limit Reached message?

I'm not about to give these clowns my home phone number see other comments I get enough junk phone calls already. I believe it's 2 unless show up again later. It should show limit reached at the bottom of the row of coupons after printing 2. I've seen elsewhere that the reason we have to verify so often is they use the cookies to identify our computers and darn it, we have to dump the cookies every once in a while or our computers get slowed down I know mine does and McAfee does the cleanup and dumps them Because it was after hours and the store was closed.

Set advanced print options (Acrobat Standard)

And since you didn't say which coupons you printed and the site doesn't let you post a pix afaik , it would be a little difficult to answer your question. Write a Review Ask a Question Share. Yes 1. Yes 2. Yes 4. Yes 3. Yes 5. Does not honor coupons on phone app. Yes 8. Yes 7. Helpful answer 0 Votes Thanks for voting!

How To Use The App

Not as helpful. Why did you change the best place to get coupons? Its annoying to try and get a phone number.

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If you give them your number you will get plenty of calls! See all answers 1. Q: I would like to know WHY they went to verification codes and why they can't just give you ONE code to use every time you want to download coupons. Verification codes for people without text and data on their phones is discriminating because you have to call every time you want to print coupons to get a verification code.

I printed coupons today and they didn't work at Walmart or food lion why? I think every since they changed things I've had trouble getting the coupons I printed to scan at the stores.

Why you shouldn’t support printable coupon resellers

Any good luck with a laser printer? No answers yet. Answer this question. I need help I used to use this site every month and saved a good amount of money each month with NO issues; but now i had to call to get a code to "verify my account", which i did, but the code they gave me doesn't even work!

And YES, it is the right code as i wrote down every and Letter he gave me, and then read it back to the guy over the phone just to make sure it was correct. Very frustrating. Having a family of 5, it was really great saving on groceries every month. I attempted to print - it did not work. No problems with printer - now coupons. THis has happened before. WIndows 7, logged in.

If I cant get this resolved I will never return to this site. Whenever I get on web site, about halfway thru, will get notice that is not responding and will shut down then reopen.

A word of caution about coupon fraud

I have to go through the entire page to get back where I was! Very slow process! Get answers from the Coupons. Note: this is not for reviews - click here to write a review. Posting guidelines. Typical questions asked: How long does shipping take? What is the return policy? Where is the company located? More Coupons Businesses. About Coupons. This software is available for less than the cost of a fast food lunch, which, of course, encourages more printable coupon resellers to join the market.

Some printable resellers even post videos of their virtual machine software scrolling by, generating hundreds of coupon prints for them or combining printed PDF coupons into a multiple-page document, ready to email to a buyer:. There are many reasons not to support printable coupon resellers. They kept on printing it until there were none left to print:.

To further shed light on this issue, I spoke with Jane Beauchamp of Brand Technologies , a risk-mitigation firm that works for a variety of major retailers and consumer packaged goods fighting coupon fraud.

How to print P&G Everyday coupons?

We have numerous undercover accounts deeply entrenched in the Facebook and Instagram space. There are currently over a hundred printable coupon sellers on Instagram. While working on this post, I had another thought too. They could receive sales commissions for printing their own coupons, then profit on the other side when those printable coupons are sold.

At that time, the companies I discussed this with felt that they had sufficient controls in place to combat mass printing and saving. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. I hope this helps shed additional light on the issue of printable coupon resale, and again, I urge you not to financially support it. Do not encourage the resellers to continue their activity by financially supporting their actions.

When legal action is taken against a coupon reseller, do you want your banking information attached to a criminal investigation? This fraud cannot lead to any good place. I would love to hear what coupons. Are they doing anything about it to protect their clients? This entire process is sinful! You raise an excellent point — brands and retailers are paying Coupons.

Technically, Coupons. Since most homes now have multiple devices laptops, computers, iPads etc. Does this type of technology even exist today? Donna, to the best of my knowledge, no one is concerned with shoppers using multiple devices per household. I am not aware of a single coupon site focused on this, and I think it would be extremely difficult to control. So what is really the difference of someone having multiple devices in their home and printing 2 off of each device and someone else getting multiple prints for them?

The person is still getting multiple copies. They are paying for that persons time on getting them for them not for the actual coupon. This is a job for those that do it, they spend many hours on getting them for people who are in need of them. Most people work full time and make minimum wages and save time and money by buying these coupons from others.

233 Outer Banks Coupons for 12222

The manufacture is putting these coupons out there for us all to save money and that is why we coupon and need more than just 2 coupons to get a good deal. In the past if you wanted more of the same printable coupon, you had to find more. When you first want to print or you are prompted to upgrade to the Print Verification method, you simply need to provide your mobile phone number and will receive a onetime verification code via a text message.

In addition, you can print your coupons on any printer wireless or wired connection using a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. This has allowed them to obtain an unlimited supply of printable coupons, which they then sell online. Do you get frustrated seeing printable limit reached next to coupons on Southern Savers lists? Sometimes as soon as a list is posted it will already have a few print limit reached coupons.

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