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These days, most digital coupon sites are part of affiliate programs; this is how merchants do business with them. If you want to gain value from coupon sites, invest in an affiliate program. Be sure to clearly identify the partners you want to work with and in what capacity you want to work.

The following tips touch on successfully working with coupon sites through your affiliate program:. Clearly, a solid base for your coupon strategy is important. Upgrade your plan further by taking a smart approach to common couponing challenges like codes leaving specific channels or ineffective partnership offers. Keep these points in mind as you forge ahead:. Seventy-two percent of online shopping carts are abandoned, with half of those shoppers leaving to search for coupon codes.

Next, optimize your landing page and keep it fresh with content — chances are it will rank high and bring more users to your site. As evidenced by the below graphic , landing pages can also deliver 12 times more leads, making this a great approach for attracting and converting customers. Use these tactics to foster a solid foundation for your couponing strategy, and upgrade your strategy to stay ahead of the curve.

About the Author: Robert Glazer , founder and managing director of Acceleration Partners , is a customer acquisition specialist with an exceptional track record in growing revenue and profits for fast-growing consumer products and services companies. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I agree to receive an email that'll allow me to claim my prize and a series of emails that will teach me how to get more traffic.

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Please try again later. Consider the following benefits of implementing a coupon strategy: Amplified awareness: Coupon sites boast broad reach and large user bases that allow for maximum ROI delivery. Those who print digital coupons are typically young, affluent, and educated. It saw a percent increase in clicks, a percent increase in orders, and a percent increase in sales when comparing its placement week to the following week.

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Build a Solid Infrastructure These days, most digital coupon sites are part of affiliate programs; this is how merchants do business with them. The following tips touch on successfully working with coupon sites through your affiliate program: Be selective with your coupon partners. Research coupon websites before accepting them into an affiliate program. To ensure relevance, visit each site that applies to your program.

This could include an applicable category on the site or a prominent section featuring similar types of companies, offers, or products. Have the right oversight in place. New customer acquisition and incrementality should be key focal points. Get serious about compliance. Affiliate managers must be clear about permissible behavior by coupon sites. Common hot buttons include trademark bidding, promotion of expired offers, promotion of nonexistent offers e. They also have an option for authors who are running a giveaway through Amazon to boost their followers.

Check out this handy walk-through on the process, as well as how to promote your giveaway through Just Kindle Books: Amazon Follower Boost.

Books Butterfly is a group that generates interest for new books not only through their email list of over , subscribers, but also through a huge network of blogs. Their prices vary depending on how much exposure you want, as well as the cost of your book. We ended up with almost 1, downloads over the 5 days, which was a very good result for such a small outlay. They are a group that not only promotes your book through their massive Twitter network and Facebook page, but also includes a three month membership to the site, which gets you monthly email and blog post promotion, as well as access to review networks and support.

This provides real value. Depending on the package you select, they also guarantee a certain number of visitors to your Amazon book page, so your results should be quite substantial. You might want to copy and paste the code! Their readers tend to be much more likely than average to leave reviews among the highest review percentage in the industry in fact , and they have a LOT of authors that have given glowing testimonials.

A lot of their readership seems to be book bloggers as well, so you will often get additional promotion when the readers list their reviews on their own site as well as Amazon, and sometimes other sites such as Goodreads also. You can get the full list of pricing here. The video below shows our results for Book Reader Magazine. We used our KDP Free Days and made the book free for a total of 5 days, which resulted in downloads across that time-frame, which was a very successful result for a book that had been out for several years.

Book Tweeters is a promotions group that gets the word out about your book by tweeting it to their network of over , Twitter followers. At the moment they offer readers from PaidAuthor. Pretty Hot Books has been around since , and during that time they have built up quite a following of avid readers. As well as their website, they also have over 12, followers on Twitter , 6, fans on Facebook , and a well established email list.

You can check out the video below for more details of our review and our results. While they do offer promotions for books at any sale price, they prefer submissions that are on sale: ideally free, but also books priced at 99c tend to work well also. There are quite a lot of author testimonials regarding their services, and your can read those testimonials here. They promote Kindle books exclusively no iTunes, or Nook unfortunately.

You can submit your book to Book Kitty Here. A very affordable option for authors looking to build their reader-base, Discount Book Man their own book promotion website , as well as a mailing list, Facebook page and Twitter account. The video below shows the results we had for our ebook promotion with the Discount Book Man. Our promo lasted 5 days, and was free through Kindle Direct Publishing. You can Submit your book to BookBub here.

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Ereader News Today is a massive player in the book promotion website scene. They also have a dedicated Christian Fiction Promotion section, so if your book falls into that category, ENT is likely to be one of the best promotions groups for you ebook. Robin Reads has over 30, Facebook Fans , as well as a mailing list of a similar number of avid Kindle readers.

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For our Robin Reads review, we decided to promote a Thriller than was free for a 5 days period. That works out at about 2. You can submit a book to Robin Reads here. As a site dedicated exclusively to free books, Freebooksy has developed a sensational reputation among both self and traditionally published authors. They also have a very large Facebook page, with over a quarter of a million fans , and any promotion you do with Freebooksy will get shared on their Facebook page as well as with the subscribers of that genre. BookRunes is one of the fastest growing book marketing sites in the industry right now.

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This is quite an effective way to get into some of the smaller Amazon markets, which can often let an author hit a higher ranking than they every expected by focusing on only the main Amazon. For our review, we promoted a book called The Unbeliever. We made the book free through Kindle Direct Publishing for a 5 days period.

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In the few days after the promotion, the increase in Kindle Unlimited pages read actually increased by 4, pages read, which virtually covered the cost of the promotion in the very first week. Check out our video review below, or you can submit your book to BookRunes here. The Fussy Librarian is a book marketing site which not only has a solid mailing list, but also has a Facebook Page with over 20, fans.